It fits any car power outlet unit in Kozmaksan


According to the study area selected commercial vehicles and power efficiency of the body that need to fulfill their function and reliable operation of hydraulic, equipped with appropriate depending on their take-off. Vehicle superstructure needed by power transmission supply and needs allowing you to reach the point where it needed PTO or in other words, puppies transmission specialize in manufacturing Kozmaksan, offering the most suitable and customized solutions for each vehicle with a wide range of products.

Barring exceptional circumstances, for the operation of the superstructure system exploited the power of the vehicle engine. The power from the engine, the engine or the gearbox connected to the PTO or gearbox puppy called as part of the power output unit to be used in the vehicle body transmitted through. Concrete mixers and pumps, fire pumps, centrifugal pumps, high pressure grooving tools, vacuum truck, hydraulic and mechanical cranes, road sweeping machines, silo vehicles, hydraulic pressed garbage trucks and the high quality and reliability is of great importance in the PTO used to like. One of the most important manufacturers of these products Kozanoğlu Kozmaksan Transmission PTO Hydraulic Pump and Intermediate Manufacturing Industry. Ltd. Sti. into the production of gear pumps and piston pumps in the hydraulic sector, and soon move to take the box or puppy gearbox called well-known in the industry, starting to produce equipment Kozmaksan since 1980, as the power unit used in commercial vehicles adlandırı- man movement taking boxes (PTO / Power take-Offs) produces. Today offers 274 kinds of products in this area and every emerging expand its product range with the vehicle Kozmaksan Ostim Ankara Industrial Zone and doing production in Sincan Organized Industrial Zone in a total of 5 thousand m2 area with plants. 15 thousand years PTO and intermediate gearbox, pump manufacturing companies hirdolik 4000, special PTO design is performing in line with customer demand. Company’s product range today; puppy transmissions (PTO), the intermediate gears (Split-Shaft-PTO), hydraulic gear pumps, piston pumps and control valves are located. PTO and pump the weights as dump trucks and garbage trucks, snow vehicles, road sweeping vehicles, knuckled boom cranes, hook loaders are used in. PTO input can be used with intermediate gearbox, which features two outputs to be installed by the hand and tail gearboxes in cars or fire trucks. The basic principle of operation of the company with ISO 9001/2000 quality certificate; to bring its customers the best price in the shortest time without compromising quality. Erdinc Kozanoğ- with the company manager for efficiency and safety; work to be done by specifying the crucial importance of the right to use the PTO with the vehicle and superstructure selection, you need to know about sums up the PTO.

Find out more about the PTO

First, during the procurement PTO transmission type, characteristics and numbers should be considered and these characteristics should be reported to the manufacturer PTO. letter to the instructions in the user manual that must be observed during installation of the PTO. Only gaskets are sent by the manufacturer should be used. Using Putty sakıncalı- d. fat should be checked after the installation process. The gearbox must be run at ambient temperature. Clutch operation should be checked and if necessary adjustments should be made clutch problems. If noise and vibration transmission to be checked. PTO connection is on the surface should be clean gearbox. Before gearbox filled with oil pump must be connected to the PTO.

PTO use

It should always be pressed to be understood that the PTO clutch is turned-on. Attention should be paid to working temperature, the temperature should be reduced in overheating. Although the degree of tem- perature change on a routine use of the power take-off, for a short time (less than 15 minutes) up to 120 ° C, for a long time (more than 15 minutes) should be a maximum of 100 ° C. Heavy-duty oil change should be carried out frequently. In cases where space is connected to the PTO gear should be checked hand. In the case where the power take-off from the tail of the heavy work should be done by connecting additional lubrication.

Pump Installation

The pump should be aligned with the PTO (the maximum allowable centers 0.05mm.) Backlash: PTO and pump a minimum gap of 0.1 mm radius, axis threaded lug Blank should be 1-2 mm. PTO and pump the contact surface must be clean. PTO and pump it to the studs and tightened bolts on CI to avoid throwing screws due to vibration and care must be taken to be checked at regular intervals

Drive control

When necessary, the control should be easily visible place control of the power take-offs can be made. Drivers should only be made by check job control. Other checks are carried out by authorized service providers and individuals. In electrical control, the switch must be installed on the standard control panel in order to avoid possible confusion. Separate control must be replaced. received appropriate support for all power take-offs, mechanical control cables must be provided. Cable controls provided with the control knob or lever handle various kinds. Leverage is a convenient place to hang out when the report is received, should be enough clearance to allow unlimited leverage. When the cable is installed, avoid tight turn. Select as straight as possible to the cable. Reported as process more difficult.

The up-enter the take-off of the circuit is checked. Care should be taken to complete the power take-off operation. Segment operating PTO may cause malfunction. Wire cable bolt must be locked with loctite242 or a similar product to prevent possible slack. The driver controls the air pressure through the lamp and buttons, can only work-related power take-off does not work. the equipment required in the means for handling hardware and under control of the air pressure, i.e. the pressure should lamps and buttons. As long as the increased pressure on this device does not give any sign PTO is running. Therefore, such air display apparatus for vehicle mounted PTO is always required. clean and dry air should be heard for a good operation. appropriate air traffic control functions to operate the vehicle should be checked. the air pressure inside the PTO must be between 6-11 bar. The electro-pneumatic control; The electronically controlled pneumatic solenoid is used to power the system. Electrical control and instruments should be in the guide is in the specified manner and norms. Always electric circuit is protected by fuses. To avoid unintentional operation of the control system in accordance with the control panel and must be placed firmly.

next checks from the PTO setup

Operation control: After starting the vehicle if noise operation, these stages may be the cause follows: Quantity – Clutch can be fully functioning. – There is adequate air pressure. The oil level check: If the machine still cold, check the oil level. Oil spill: The oil leakage should be checked after 15-20 minutes after starting operation. Make sure there is no leak in the gearbox PTO connection. If there are leaks, check for proper attachment portions. Volume control: PTO gear should be wasted in all operating conditions. High Vague sound: it is not given the situation caused by the backlash and jam. Tıngırtıl & amp; wheezing: it occurs in cases where the excessive backlash. control of bolt connections: bolts loosening is usually because of the seal adjustment scheme. All bolts and studs, it is necessary to tighten a few hours after use.

Shaft Installation

Shaft makes vibrations occur due to sprains and axis trend. Given the high degree shaft angle potential vibrations, those parts connected to the shaft in such vibrations impair degrees.

Therefore, the installation must be done correctly as follows.

1-mounting flange must be parallel to each other and tend to be the same in both corners.

2-Contact angle should be between 2 ° and 8 °. If the propeller angle of 8 ° exceeds, warranty terms expire.

3-shaft extend far enough and does not cause the termination shock to the application and received the balance.

4-talk service representative for applications in severe conditions.