Our Environment Policy

Quality Policy
Manufacturing to the products which are quality,safety and belong to the standarts Supplying to every steps of our company to be better and developt
Tending to our own market as more effective and healthier;

Having effective rivalry strategy on condition that understanding to rivals completely;

At the solution of the problem determining to the team idea;

It’s supplying to the satisfaction of the client and staff coin to price,rivalry,quality environment and delivering our business on time.

Our Mission & Vision

Our Mission
Being pioneer and effective in the sector in domestic market and in abroad which are present serving.

Our Vision
As being in aware of our clients’ changeable necessity,with our flexible conformation,with our pioneer and creative solutions,ading to our clients’ tools,presenting to the products and serving which are becoming different.

Kozmaksan’s Solution
It starts to cover of the client necessity,in spite of covering to this necessities designed products and serving,with staff and business partners who have equipped with knowledge and capacity,activing before the client and getting satisfy to the client.

Kozmaksan Creativity
It’s aware of exchange necessity of client continually.Owing to our continual creativity we are everytime perceived diferent.We guess to our client expectation beforehand.

Kozmaksan Safety
For our clients we present safety products about price,quality and serving after selling,for our business partners they want to do business with us,for our staff we supply the equity working environment,for society it’s an institutional culture which respect to the environment and laws.

Kozmaksan Corporation
The ability of the knowledge which creativing with our staff and our all clients together,coining with practicing prenciple and deciding as assocate,it’s supplying to decide quickly and effective all of us and it everytime gives us dynamic and effective.

Kozmaksan’s Elasticity
It perceives to the exchange client necessities and infecting to the life suitable about rivalry condition quickly,production,selling and merketing strategies.